PHR Fleet Finished!

The PHR fleet in its entirety.
Huzzah! I'm quite happy to say that I was able to finish the last bits of my 1250pt Adepticon PHR fleet for the Dropfleet Commander tournament!

I am pretty happy with how quickly the fleet came together. Typically my painting progress is usually fairly slow. While I don't profess to be a terribly good painter by any stretch, I do get lost in the details when I'm painting models of this scale and that can greatly elongate the time it takes to finish a project.

Close up of the Bellerophons and Launch Assets.
Tournaments are a great motivator for me though and, since I'm headed down to the States in a little while, I wanted to make the most of it with a fully painted fleet and army. There have been times (as is the case with many gamers) where I've had to pull some all nighters in order to get an army done in time for a tournament. Given that I was able to get this sizeable project done in the time I had, I can turn my attentions towards rounding out my Dropzone Commander army in a little while.

I wasn't certain how I would enjoy going with the stock colour scheme, but now that they are finished
and I can see them 'in the flesh' I'm quite happy with how they turned out. I was even able to get all of the flight stands and launch assets complete as well.

Enjoy the pictures!

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