Dropzone Commander Tournament List for Adepticon

With my Dropfleet list almost finished, I've started to shift my focus over to Dropzone and consider what I want to take for the ground game on the Friday.

Even though everyone (myself included) is focused on Dropfleet lately, Dropzone is in its golden years, in my opinion. There is a healthy amount of units to select for each faction, lots of tactics that people can choose from, and the Critical Locations mechanic has really fleshed out the game from a competitive play aspect.

The original list that I wanted to take wasn't going to work out points wise. I've never had a chance to use the Erebos walker, especially with the new rules they got and anything ECM kind of gets my nerdy engines revved.

But in order to invest those kinds of points in that walker, I felt like I also needed ot have something decent to protect, I knew that I wanted to field a Njord and also make the Odins work viably. In the end though, with 4 Odins, Njord, 2 Erebos and their Neptune the unit was quite expensive. I also wanted Thors because they're fricken sweet, but there was just no way I could cram all of that into 1500pts.

So in the end I opted for some tactical flexibility. I invested in a Hera and a Guardian backed up with 2 Apollo As in a Njord as the main anti-tank block. I also invested in a healthy amount of AA assets in the form of Phobos and Helios; these are always performers for me.

Walk on Thors were a must. 4 Thors can throw out a punishing amount of damage and I know that they will be a focus for anyone with Fast Movers, so I dedicated a walk on Phobos to keep an AA umbrella up for them.

Thors need scouts to designate targets so I ensured that I had 2 Valkyries running around to get eyeballs on targets while they are occupying buildings and causing my opponents to groan.

Valks tend to be the focus of attention though, and I'm asking them to do double duty so I wanted a bit of redundency. I know that people don't like them but I've always had my Mercuries perform quite well for me. Not only can they scout for the Thors, but they offer another Indirect weapon for me to surprise opponents with as well as providing a much desired +1 to check for objectives or a reroll on 1s rolled for Intel. Both of those abilities can really help protect my valuable troops. Since I only have 4 infantry units, all the help they can get will be a good thing.

Anyhow, so this is what I'm thinking for my list. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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