Teeny Tiny Drukhari

Teeny tiny pieces!
I can say with some experience that one has never experienced putting together a finicky model until one has attempted to put together a multi-piece 6mm one!

I received my Dark Eldar army 4 days earlier than I'd originally thought so this evening my wife and I retired up to to loft and we put on Crimson Peak while she knit and I set to begin assembling very, very tiny evil space elves.

I started on the Raiders first. Raider transports don't cost any points in the Dark Eldar force, so I figured I should capitalize on them as much as possible, free transports are a tremendous boon!

I ordered the Dark Eldar force from Onslaught miniatures. Branded as the Stygians, these are wonderful sculpts consisting of white metal. There was little flash on the models, so they required only a bare minimum of work prior to assembly.

The models though are 7 pieces including the base! So it takes a little while to put them together.
Raiders in fine form

I'm debating paint schemes. I debate whether or not to go with a traditional Drukhari theme with a deep green base tone and a blood red sail, or to flip the theme and go with a maroon ox blood base with a teal sail. We shall see.

I also debate about the basing for the models. The Raiders are easy enough, I'm using some old Warmaster bases for them, but the infantry I could use either round bases or long rectangle bases. The rectangle bases would provide a maximum frontage for the infantry, though I'll admit that the round bases do look amazing, even if the frontage is considerably smaller.

In the meantime, I absolutely enjoy the sculpts and the look of these models in this scale. I cannot wait to start painting these.


Of Mass Conscription and Plague

Conscripts going through basic training.
Ugh, I'm sick as a dog lately. I've spent almost the entire holiday season completely nailed by some ugly cold thing and congestion the likes of which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

I'm sick of feeling crappy, so decided to really get into the groove of working on my DZC Shaltari. Today I managed to completely base and put the wash on them. I'm still not completely sure of what my list is going to be for Adepticon, but I've got a good idea. I know that I'll always have 2 units of Pungari (A gift from my mother-in-law, that she jokes that they are miniature mother-in-laws), and likely 2 units of Firstborns. But I also managed to get a Shaltari Spire, Fire Drake, Coyote, Dreamsnare/Leopard, Jaguar, 3 Kukri, 4 Yari, 3 Haven Gates, and 2 Tarantulas all done up.

I really want to do up my Firebirds but I'm having a really hard time finding room for them in my list. I just LOVE how they look; like 2 tailed wasps. We shall see. Either way, it'll give me a chance to get the vast bulk of my Shaltari core finished and I can choose from there.


Firing up the War Forge

Gates! Pretty happy with how these look on the table.
Lots of activity over the last little while planning for Adepticon. First off, I placed my order for my Dark Eldar for Epic. I'm stupid excited about receiving those!

While I wait for them to come in I settled into painting up my Shaltari, mostly focusing on the ground forces for Dropzone Commander. In the end I decided to stick with a Fall kind of burnt leaves look which was inspired from the Blue Table YouTube video that they posted a few years back. I modified the paint scheme a little bit to add just the tiniest bit of flair but wanted to ensure that I didn't totally lose myself in the details, which I have a habit of doing. Afterall, I do have 3 whole armies to paint up in just under 3 months!

So with that in mind, at the encouragement of my wife (who was likely sick of hearing me agonize over this or that list detail), I started in on the core of the Shaltari stuff that I have that I know that I will be using every game; the Gates.

They painted up quickly too! With just 8 colours and 1 wash, I use four of those colours with my airbrush, which, at a stage, also gives me the opportunity to base some Shaltari DFC ships while I'm waiting for my wash to dry on my ground forces.

4 Eden and 4 Spirit Gates
In the end, in just a few short hours I did manage to pump out 8 gates! 4 Eden and 4 Spirit gates.

I was pretty concerned about using the dullcoat on them. Historically I've had absolutely terrible luck using dullcoat, as I'd talked about in my post in the Spring. This time though I stuck with the tried and true Testors stuff. It's worked like a charm.

Typically I enjoy using the Testors glosscote, which I receive no end of teasing about, but I don't care. I really enjoy that candy gloss, especially on stuff that has a lot of panel lines like the PHR. This time, however, I wanted to really show up the gradients in the shading up from deep red-brown up to a sunny yellow... Like a leaf in the Fall.

Here is the paint scheme for those who are interested:

Paint Scheme:
Airbrush Model Air  71.039 Hull Red
Wash with Dark Wash
Airbrush edging with Model Air 71.038 Medium Brown
Lightly Airbrush edging with Model Air 71.032 Golden Brown
Even lighter airbrush edging with Model Air 71.078 Gold Yellow
Paint the gem and canopies Game Color Electric Blue 72.023
Mix 50/50 Game Color Electric Blue and Model Color 70.951 White Stripe gem
Use Model Color White with a small stripe
Game Color Silver Detail lining
Small gem details Model Color 70.967 Olive Green

Lightly varnish with Testors Clear Coat/Dullcote 1260C


2018 Planning

Started with my Shaltari ground forces today. I decided in the end to go with a burnt umber kind of Fall theme. But first I desperately needed to clean my work space, and there is no time like the end of the year and with three major projects on the horizon.

So messy!

Now with 70% less mess!


Adepticon 2018 Planning

Man has it been a while. I have been gaming, quite a lot. I bounced from minis to rpgs and back and forth.

But today I want to talk about one of my favourite things that I did last year; going to Adepticon. I registered again and this time I'm going to play in 3 events; The DZC scenario event on Thursday, the Dropfleet Commander tournament on Friday and the Epic Armageddon tournament on Saturday.

I'm excited about these events but I do have a pretty ambitious goal of getting three different armies/fleets painted up for these events in just under 3 months!

This year for DZC and DFC I'm going to have my Shaltari painted up, which will round out both games nicely with 2 factions complete. That will make demoing either game a great deal of fun with fully painted fleets.

I am SUPER excited about playing in the Epic Armageddon tournament! I'm going to play me some Dark Eldar from the Onslaught miniature range. These minis are very modestly priced, gorgeous, and I have to say that the company owner Don is a really nice fellow.

The first on the painting table will likely be my DFC Shaltari as I've already started some of the models and just about everything is assembled for them. They have been a very interesting faction to start playing and a big contrast from what I'm used to with my PHR. I got OWNED last year by a Shaltari fleet when fighting for top table and I'm now curious as to how balanced they are with all of the (welcomed) errata changes.

I've definitely chosen some finesse lists here. Shaltari are like the Commander equivalents of Eldar and Tau combined. Lots of firepower, but relatively weak armour and wicked fast. They use their speed as a way of ensuring their survival. They also have some great mechanics on the ground with teleport technology that should be fun to pull some sneaky tricks.

In the skies the Shaltari feel like playing a wolf pack of submarines. With their very long sensor range and their quite small signatures, they can absolutely use a long arm kiting tactic to pummel the enemy from range while their Voidgates take the cities and objectives.

The Dark Eldar are the pinnacle of finesse in that they are incredibly fast and maneuverable and absolutely deadly in close combat engagements, but they have paper-thin armour and will wither under any concerted fire. I've only played the Eldar in the Epic range, so it should be fun to be able to lean even further into the Eldar finesse philosophy.