Dropzone PHR Army Finished!

1500pt PHR Army for Adepticon
Well it was a bit more down to the wire than I'd initially anticipated but I finally got my PHR Dropzone army done for Adepticon.

I'm pretty happy with it, I did manage to at least get one game in with one of the best players that I've faced since I started playing DZC.

What I enjoy about this list is it has all the toys I want, more or less. 1500pts is a point limit in Dropzone where you still have to make some hard choices in your list; at least that's what I've always felt with the PHR at least. I imagine that Shaltari will show a similar meta when I start painting them.

This list essentially allows for a nice, solid brick of anti-tank assets in the Command squad to jump around, throwing some decent railguns at targets up to 36" away. It also has a strong anti-aircraft core in 3 Phobos to put up a back and mid field anti-air umbrella, and 2 Helios to either go hunting or plug up gaps where they might crop up in the umbrella.
Command Squad: Hera, Guardian with 2 Apollos in escort.

My Mercury Drones, a unit that is often fairly under-appreciated, can provide me with 3 potential

  • Aid my infantry in searching for Objectives or Intel markers.
  • Provide ancilliary AT support in the Triton's indirect fire Sky Hammer Missiles and,
  • Scout for my 4 Thors.
The Thors are beautiful. In a group of 4 those Thors can do decent amounts of damage to a building (The Njord that transports my Heras and Apollos can help, if not firing at targets), but also threaten a decent number of tanks, infantry and the like.

Decals on the Hera demark Commander's
and Guardian's Walkers.
While I find the PHR chronically out-matched by other faction's infantry, I do have a decent core of Valkyries, Sirens and Immortals to go grab objectives and bring them home. Obviously the Valks occupy Scout slots in my army list so they can also help scout Thors, through this is a distant secondary objective to finding objectives.

You'll notice that I put some decals on the Commander's Hera and his Guardian companion in order to differentiate between the two.

All in all I'm pretty excited about Adepticon! So soon!

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