Iku-Turso Mission 2: Take the Mines!

It took a lot of time and effort, but we've finally extracted and decrypted the memories on our fallen scientist's limbic implants.  There's a lot of missing data, but from what we can piece together, the lab was taking some kind of mineral, or energy source, and using it to build a weapon - something so terrible it could very well tilt the whole war in the Scourge's favour if it is ever completed.  We don't yet know what this weapon is, or how far along in the build process the Scourge are, but our scans of the scientist's mind were able to reveal the location of the source of the necessary material:  Khonsu, Iku-Turso's own moon.
Our mission is to seize the mining facilities on this moon, and we need to do it quickly.  Our sources tell us that the Shaltari already have a head start.  They've sent in a scout party and managed to take over one of the defense cannons.  That said, we believe the mining facility they've already depleted is   They've sent a small fleet but if we get our butts in gear we should be able to get our fleet there in time to stop them.  We need to claim these mines and figure out what they are about, and we can't let anyone else get ahold of them until we understand what's going on. 

Army Size:  805 Points

Scenario:  Scenario 1: Take & Hold (Pg 76) with all rules as listed including the Variant where the two clusters on the sides are worth double victory points.
Special Rules:
The Shaltari player gets one infantry token on one of the ground defense sectors of the middle cluster.
Every other sector gets a random Scourge token (infantry or armour) on it. 
When it comes time to fire defense weapons, the Scourge fires first.  Each defense weapon fires its weapons at the closet available target.
When scoring clusters, count the Scourge ground units as if they are a player as well.  The Scourge do not get points, but they can prevent players from getting points by control clusters.
Scourge tokens do not ever move, but will participate in combat if there are player units in the same sector.

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