Iko Turso DFC Battle Report

It's been a bit of a while since I've had a chance to update the blog, but I've had a nice period of gaming lately! I met a new group down in Hamilton that I get to game with, which has been excellent. I'll blog about those in a while.

Here I wanted to provide an update on the Iko Turso campaign that James and I have been playing!

We managed to carve out some time to play our first DFC game for the campaign; a cool 800pts.

800pts is a tough list to create! I got slaughtered pretty hard, which I blame squarely on my list building in this game; so far that seems to be a theme in the campaign because I have been taking unusual units and strange combinations. In this particular instance I did not take my beloved Echoes and did away with my bombers. I think that was a massive mistake, because very quickly James was able to pull ahead on the ground game while also owning the air with his Amethysts (this inspired me to build some of my own for my growing Shaltari fleet).

Anyhow, see the video above for the details. So far the campaign is 2 to 0 for Shaltari and both scenarios had me losing squarely because of a lack of attention on list building. In the DZC game I clearly didn't take nearly enough infantry and in the DFC game I ignored the PHR strengths and didn't take anything to handle Voidgates sitting in atmosphere.

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