A New Project: Robots of a Different Make

Starting with some Fire Warriors. Always a good choice.
It's been a good while since I've updated the blog. I went into a bit of a busy period just after Adepticon having changed employers and we had a garden to build.

Now that the dust has settled though I have a chance to update you all on some things that I'm doing:

  • Adepticon: It was amazing! I'll definitely aim to go back next year. All told I came in about middle of the pack for both Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander. At one point I was competing on the top table for Dropfleet but got my ass handed to me by a (Ahem) fairly beardy Shaltari list that really focused on gate spam. I met some really truly great people though and had some excellent games! Well worth all of the effort!

    In the end I got Best Sportsman in both tournaments! So I'm pretty chuffed about that!
  • Dropzone/fleet Campaign: My friend James and I have decided to make a little bit of a campaign for ourselves utilizing some of the campaign rules for Dropzone/fleet. We play our first game on Thursday. I'll post separately on this as James has written the first scenario and it's pretty awesome! We're starting off small and then escalating into full scale tiny war!
  • Robots of a Different Make: I LOVE DZC/DFC but I'll admit, it's pretty hard to find a community of regulars and I miss the hell out of being able to drop into a store and get a pickup game on the fly. After doing quite a bit of reading and hearing some seriously good things about the new 8th Edition coming out for Warhammer 40k I have decided to pull the trigger and get back into the hobby! After quite a bit of deliberation I opted to get back into one of my very favourite factions: The Tau. I LOVED the Tau when they first released and seeing their range of models now has only solidified that for me.

    I have started off with the basics: Troops and transports. Since I don't know what the options are going to look like for the Tau going into 8th, I figured that you can't really go wrong with painting up a bunch of troops and Devilfish. One would presumably always want abundant amounts of both! Plus troops can really wear on a person after a while so I figured I would get a head start and work on them in earnest while my enthusiasm is high. That way I can reward myself with the cool robots later.

    It's always such an agony picking out colour schemes. In this instance I have opted to do a variation of StrikingScorpion82's scheme. I'm still undecided if I'm going to go with an orange or a turquoise scheme at this point. My original Tau way back in the day were turquoise and looked fantastic but I've also never really used orange as a main colour before and in keeping with my projects over the last few years I've been trying to use colours that I don't usually use.

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