Dropfleet Commander: PHR Orpheus

Completed Orpheus.
I've been as sick as a dog lately, but I did manage to spend some time tonight painting another troopship for my Adepticon fleet. This time I painted an Orpheus. A cheaper cousin to the Ganymede, the Orpheus is a very nice troopship because it comes with no less than 12 dice of light broadsides on each side as well as a burn through laser on the prow.

Decent prow weapons are a rarity on the PHR ships, so I capitalize on them where I can. A part of the philosophy behind my fleet is to saturate the opponent with burn through lasers on the prows of my fleet while I overwhelm them with superior launch assets. PHR bombers are the best in the game, hence why I have no less than 2 Bellerophons in the fleet.

I am assuming that the Shaltari will be my most difficult opponents and it is my hope that I'll have enough saturation of either BTLs offset with bombers. The idea is that I'll force my opponent to make one of two difficult choices: Either take the BTL hits directly with the weaker armour saves or choose to take the passive shield saves but then sacrifice their superior point defence dice under waves of bombers.

So where does this troopship fall into that? With the addition of the BTL on the prow as well as the essential needs of bulk landing capabilities, this troopship covers both of those needs quite well. In addition, the broadsides allow me to hunt frigates either in the orbits or possibly in atmosphere.

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