Troopships and Strike Carriers

Nice little PHR Dropfleet core finished today.
Actually was able to get a solid chunk of painting in over the course of the weekend and finished off the 5 Medea that I have planned for my PHR Dropfleet list I plan on taking to Adepticon. It's a pretty simple scheme, not really that much going on with it, the cream panels with some line work and the contrast of gravitic nullifiers with that paneling is quite striking, I think.

I stopped for dinner and then, inspired, picked up the brush again and finished off painting the Ganymede troopship as well!

The great thing about the PHR troopships is that, as far as troopships are concerned, they have a good deal of versatility and are arguably the best in the game.

Troopships are generally not bristling gunboats, but the Ganymede is pretty sick. Boasting a hefty 3+
You can never have too many Medeas.
lock value bombardment with 6 attacks, it can not only drop a great amount of ground assets on a cluster, but it can bomb the shit out of anything before it does so.

Additionally, it's pretty robust at 13 hull points, boasts Medium Calibre broadsides as well as a front facing turret.

I'll likely always take at least 1, so this is definitely a ship that I want added to my core PHR fleet.

The Ganymede's cousin, the Orpheus is another ship that I'll almost always take, but I'll cover that one when I start painting it.
The Ganymede is easily one of my favourite ships in the game.

Suffice it to say, I'm quite pleased with the work that I got done today. The Ganymede is easily one of the more fiddly ships to put together, what with all the bombardment turrets and the extended dropped hull that is presumably where the bulk lander bays are housed.

Between all of my Medeas (save 1) and the Ganymede, I was able to get a decent, solid chunk of my fleet's core tucked away. Yay!

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