PHR Dropfleet Medea

Started with the Medea, since I'll field them in every game.
So for the last few weeks I have been assembling and putting together some PHR Dropfleet ships. I had found out that Lords of War had received a fairly sizeable order early and my wife was cool with my buying a good chunk towards a fleet.

So after agonizing about fleet lists, creating and recreating new cruisers, playing a few starter battles, reading just about every single blog and post I could about Dropfleet tactics, I got to actually painting my PHR.

I've got good motivation to as well. I have registered for Adepticon in the Spring and am going to play in the Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander tournaments. While my PHR ground force is pretty much complete, I have quite a bit of work to do on my fleet.

I did do quite a bit of thinking about what paint scheme I wanted to use, but in the end I decided to go with the traditional scheme that Gary Connell did for the official Hawk fleet.

I've never done a lightly coloured scheme before and, after having gotten past my whole learning
Not really captured here but I did subtly line the tan hull panels.
curve with reds with my PHR ground force, I figured that I should expand my range of knowledge of colour techniques.

Plus, Gary chose a truly gorgeous variation of what has become the traditional PHR tan scheme. The blues of the gravity nullifiers is such a great spot colour to accent the tans.

I'm pretty happy with how the results turned out. I think this'll look really good once the fleet is done.

In other news, it's been a LONG time since I've posted. It has been a monumentally busy year, we moved a whole bunch of times, got married and got a new job.

I'm hoping that I'll have more chances to post though, now that things in life are settling out.

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