Second Verse, Same as the First

Things aren't looking good for the heroes.
Well, I'm on a bit of a Super Dungeon Explore kick this week! I blame my buddy Howard who picked up a core set which has prompted the interest. We found that the current 4 player version felt pretty unbalanced so I tested out a 3 player version with the Von Drakk Manor expansion and wow did it ever play out well! We're going to be playing some tonight at our Friday night gaming, so that should be a blast. Looking forward to it!

In other news I have finished my Requin assault corvettes for my French tournament list. I'll post pictures shortly. I've also got my Cherbourg Battle Cruiser about half way finished. I should have it completed tomorrow at which point I'll post some pics of that too. I'm REALLY excited about the French coming together, they're starting to look really sweet.

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