Super Dungeon Explore Monday

Rex Stares Down All Opponents.
Made it to the Sentry Box Mondays for the club. Typically I've had a hard time making those days cause I find the late night on Mondays can really throw the rest of the week off. What with Wednesday being New Years Eve though I decided to go anyhow, since I knew I'd have a day of downtime later in the week.

Howard, Dave and I played a 4 character game of Super Dungeon Explore but found it didn't scale terribly well. Howard played the Consol (RE: The bad guy) for the first time and pretty much wiped the floor with us.

It was fun to get a game in though. I totally love this game and if you are looking for something light and a bridge between true tabletop wargaming and a board game, Super Dungeon Explore is an excellent game to pick up. I've got all the expansions and just love playing it. I like that it kind of makes fun of itself too. No one can take Chibbi anime too seriously, after all.

We also played SmallWorld and I really liked that game too! The whole concept that you could bring races into a civilization decline and make them go extinct to give rise to a new race was a really interesting concept and the game ended up playing out like how the Time Machine must feel when you leave it at full speed for too long. ;) Would love to play that again.

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