Flight of the Conchords

Brand New Ryushi Fleet.
Well. My ability to get sucked into new and fun things never ceases to amaze me.

So this tournament that is coming up at the end of January also has a Firestorm Armada tourney on the Saturday. They are going to be using the new 2.0 rules which I'm VERY excited about!

So because I don't already have enough to paint, I decided to pick up a Ryushi fleet and have been madly assembling a thousand point fleet for this tourney. I don't know if the Ryushi are going to be a terribly effective force but in the end I don't really care; the ships look fucking cool, especially that Battle Carrier <drool>. That was the ship that clinched it for me.

I also picked up a couple of Veydreth Hunters, thinking I had the points for them but as it turns out you still have to pay 5pts/SMS wing for your carriers and since my carriers have a capacity total of 21 wings I had to find 105pts somewhere, so the Vey will stay at home.

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