Wolf Packs

The Wolf Pack prowls the shoals.
Oh exciting. Lately I've been enjoying my French quite a bit. Having life get a little bit back to normal has been great and I've been keen to get some gaming in since it had been a while.

Stuart and I were finally able to have our FSA/French Aircore/Navalcore battle on Friday and it was a slug match. I managed to pull out a win pretty handily but I think that was mostly due to the fact that I was able to  focus fire on some immediate threats as they came up. Of course the first thing that Stuart had painted up (his John Henrys, which I'll feature in another post) were the first ones to die. With their AP6 assault threat for each, I knew that I had to take them out quickly!

Epaulards surface to reveal their long range bombards.
I also managed to barely hold on to my Couronne battle carrier even though it was down to 1 HP left and
managed to get a lucky 4 HP worth of damage on his Dreadnaught. That thing terrifies me, I don't mind saying. I was worried about getting boarded with that horrific 13 AP in no time but I got lucky and managed to present an undamaged Vaubon with a healthy CAP to deter any notions of boarding.

One of the things that I have enjoyed immensely is playing with my Epaulard Subs. I love them. I know that a lot of people complain about them but I often will take them in single squads all on their own to hary and harass frigate groups. But I own a lot of them so I decided to get them painted up today in both the waterlined and surfaced versions. So I have 4 subs now in
Silent hunters stalk their quarry.
both varieties (Or I suppose 8 if I wanted to just use submersible tokens!) which will allow for a great deal of tactical threat.

I'm very much looking forward to fielding these tomorrow in a 1000pt battle against the Australians. We shall see how they play out.

I LOVE the concept of submarines. Just love the sleek hull lines. If I could field an entire sub fleet I would! The subs were a big reason why I ended up picking the French. At this time they are the only ones with a sub in the Frigate category which was very attractive to me. You can take a lot. You can harass your opponent from a distance, lay some mines and then sink back into the ocean without a trace... Very cool!

The fact that they are steampunk subs is even cooler in my humble opinion. I imagine command stations with all manner of levers and silver and bronze dials, seamen in white shirts and dark wool vests... It's a great visual.

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