In Which I Lose The Best Game Ever

I played a 1000pt battle against Josh's Prussians the other day and I have to say that, hands down, it was the best game that I've played in months against any opponent!

I had taken a beam turreted, drone spamming aircore fleet against Josh's Prussian beat down naval list with a dreadnought at its centre.

I'd rolled a 70% kill mission for fleet orders and Josh had to kill 50% of my force and all Smalls which meant my beloved Thales and my small flyers were going to be target number 1.

Man, what a battle! The last 2 hours (hey, we were taking our time!) was so tense as we were both hanging on a razor's edge. I spammed drone wing after drone wing against his skyship to eventually pick it away while Josh's dreadnought dominated the centre of the board once it got into position.

I did manage to teleport my sadly crippled Battleship to within ramming distance of Josh's naval carrier, one of the prerequisites to get a 70% victory, but sadly failed to sink it.

Eventually Josh was able to snipe my last small flyer out of the sky, which was what pushed him over the 50% edge and satisfied the Kill all Smalls requirement of his fleet orders.

GREAT game though! Man that was fun!

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