Up $#*@ Creek with Paddle?!

So for anyone who has been living under a rock or isn't privy to Canadian news, my beloved, landlocked prairie town Calgary has been through the second largest natural disaster in recorded Canadian history.

Lucky me, the Clockwerk Warriors HQ (aka my little old house) was smack dab right in one of the evacuation zones and we only just got back to our house last night. So I haven't really had the chance to focus on tiny boats due to the fact that we've been mostly worried about the paint job on our 1/1 scale warship to effect a hasty retreat!

Fortune smiled down on us though and our house wasn't even critically hit, in fact the Calgary flood wasn't even able to make DR on out little home. You wouldn't think it to look at it but I think our homestead might have Rugged Construction. ;)

Anyhow, all of this is to say that we will be returning to normal operations on Friday where I'll get a chance to throw down and pit my French versus Stuart's FSA in an Aircore/Naval combo. We're REALLY looking forward to this game. We're busily trying to put some paint on models too so we can record without shame. I know I've been bad about that lately so I'm really trying to push out some more painted minis.

Brad just left for Turkey and Geoff was part of the emergency crew in a neighbouring town during the flood, so I don't imagine that we'll be able to get a podcast in the can this weekend, though we will try! We had one scheduled for last Sunday but what with being evacuated and all our plans were washed away... Forgive the pun.

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