French Aircore

I'm so excited.

My buddy Stuart and I are planning on an aircore battle for Friday. I've always wanted to do an aircore on aircore fight and had planned on one with Brad and his EotBS WAY back a while ago but we got pretty busy and couldn't manage it. So I've still got a 4 Sky Fortress Covenant aircore force waiting for that battle.

BUT in the meantime, I'm going to be fielding my French against Stuart's US aircore. I think we should be pretty evenly matched. Man, the FSA look tough but I think the French are well equipped to take them on. This picture is kind of what I'm aiming for with my colour scheme, though I think I'm going to end up with models that look quite a bit lighter than this. We shall see.

I'm going to try to get everything at least with base colours on them, though it's a pretty busy week for me. I'm a little sickened that all of my video battle reports have mostly unpainted minis lately so I'm trying to whip myself back into gear. Hell I just spend $300 on an airbrush kit so I've really no excuse!

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