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Ugh, lately I feel overwhelmed by choice. It's my own fault. I've purchased so many models and had such lofty aspirations for terrain making that whenever I sit down to get something done I feel like it's just such a small amount in comparison with what I want to do!

Anyone ever feel like this? I feel this is really quite a silly topic, but there you have it.

It's been a pretty busy summer too, which is why we haven't come out with a new podcast yet. It's been tough trying to work around our schedules and stuff.

Here is what I've been up to in the last little while:

  • Italians: I've been playing a lot of games recently with my half painted (ugh!) Italians. Mostly to get a handle on their play mechanics. I think I've got it down pat now though. I am playing with a somewhat unusual list in that I've taken a dual carrier setup that focusses on activation and tiny token spam. I've only got 5 activations with actual models but 14 activations when you factor in the Tiny Fliers and Tiny Torpedo Boats. I feel like this is a LOT of activations in 850pts.

    So far the list seems to be heavy wins or heavy losses. Which I really quite like. They supposedly have a glass cannon feel what with the 1 lower Critical Rating across the board, but I haven't really experienced this a lot since I seem to get pretty lucky shield rolls. I LOVE the carrier's long reach and by the time one gets within Range Band 2 they can deliver just a punishing amount of fire. They are expensive though and at 220pts each having just 1 prized can bring me pretty dangerously close to losing if my opponent has already taken out a couple of other units.

    The much talked about Torpedo Boats are awesome, in my opinion. I totally disagree with folks who say they are overpowered. Their RB1 Strenth 3 torps are by no means over the top. Given that you can get run over with very little reprise or get Ack Acked to death from any type of Tiny Flier on a 4+, they are fragile (if hard to hit under normal gun fire). What they do add is a ton of flavour to the army. It reminds me of watching US assault actions take place in the Pacific campaigns: The capital class ships hang back while the air support and assault craft steam full ahead towards the enemy. It's a great visual.

    I cannot wait until this fleet is painted up!
  • French: I've managed to get a few more frigates finished on the French and had have a Tourbillon about half way done. I'm really torn between taking the French or the Italians to this tournament that I'm going to organize for September. I like the idea of the Italians for the flavour and the French also fit well into our club's metagame of fairly heavy amounts of boarding armies. The French want to get into Range Bands 1 and 2 and can sit there against boarders quite handily. I'm also totally in LOVE with the colour scheme of the French. They have neat flavour too in that they have some seriously superior Ack Ack and they've got these great little frigate subs that I just love the look of. I dunno, it's a tough call but I'll have to decide soon on which fleet to focus on painting because waffling between the two isn't getting anything done!
  • Terrain: I did manage to get some work done on new tables. I made one more 4'x2' panel so I can now field two 4'x4' boards which is what I'm planning on using for the tourney. It also gave me the opportunity to drop off a table and some terrain at one of our local game stores so folks can use nice quality tables and terrain to play their games if I'm not around. I think a key part of building a community is allowing for folks to play on their own. Having 1 person be a lynch pin to a community isn't great ever, so I'd love to see more involvement with other guys.
  • Campaign: One of the key ways in which people I think can get involved is through a campaign system. That way games are more focussed on others interacting with each other as well as providing a great context for individual games as well as painting objectives. :) I'm going to try to get something together for this for July 1 to start which would be a GREAT lead up to the tournament. I need to sit down and get writing the rules for it though!
Anyhow, yeah, so I've got a lot of stuff to do!

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