MNF: Panzerspah vs. Tines and Tees

I have a terrible history against Tines and Tees. Twice I've faced off against Drew's Tines and Tees in tournaments and in both cases not only have I lost but I played terribly sloppy games.

Seems that history was destined to repeat itself, despite being way over in Calgary. :)

Field testing our 1750pt tournament lists didn't fair so well for me against Jeff's very well put together Tines and Tees force. We played the new Third Edition rules and happened to role the Counter Attack scenario. Unfortunately I was deployed in a kill box and kind of had to get out of it. Jeff immediately picked up on this terrain feature (or absence of terrain!) and wisely capitalized on it!

Despite the tragedy of watching my beloved Pumas eat it time after time after time (like seriously, Puma guts everywhere) it was a fun game and Jeff is an awesome sportsman! Even though we were the last folks at the shop after 11pm he took the time to help me tailor my list. Looking forward to playing him again!

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