WIP: Cryx Slow Grow

So I've been playing Menoth in this slow grow league that I've been doing with my buddy Cody and a few others. I like Menoth. I do enjoy the models and I like how the army plays, it's very synergistic.

But it's not really my style. It doesn't feel... Like the usual finesse armies that I tend to go for.

I tend to enjoy armies that typically are very fast, have low armor but do tricky stuff and really can create some problems for my opponents.

So I decided to take the plunge and invest in a new army. I'd always intended to get at least a second army (likely a third at some point) for this game just because I love the themes of the different factions. After a few days of humming and hawing about whether to go Cygnar or Cryx I settled on getting into Cryx because I really didn't know anything about them. I knew that they were fast, light of armor and did a whack of really weird, neat things between their units. And undead mechanical creatures struck my fancy.

So I got the battlebox for the faction first. While Denneghra didn't strike my fancy as much as say The Coven did, I knew that the Coven was apparently a very tricky Warcaster to play with and I could just grow into it later.

So after assembling and basing the models I settled into a Defiler Bonejack. There are three bonejacks in this boxed set so I figured if I really botched up the paint job at least I've got two more to experiment with. I didn't get it done last night but I was able to work out the base colour and start in on some of the metalic detailing. Tonight I'll glaze and wash it to start giving it some depth, but here is the work in progress so far.

I LOVE the detail on these models. People may bitch about plastic minis, but I just love them. Injected molding has come so far in the last ten years it is incredible. It's almost a pity to base them sometimes because you will inevitably lose some detail in the process of painting.

Looking forward to testing these nasties out!


  1. Looking great dude! Glad your up and running with a group out there- and employed to boot!

    Hope to have a pint with ya at GameSummit!

    Stay cool.

  2. Thanks bro. Finished it last night. They are goofy little battle-chickens!

    Bad news though. I am JUST starting to get paychecks rolling in at the end of this week, which means I'm not going to make it for Game Summit. :(

    I'm hugely dissapointed. Soon as we're back on our feet here (in a couple of months) I'll be able to swing a trip over though. Can I still crash at your place?

  3. You can crash anytime - note we are in the works to host our own tourneys in July and November this year at the Legion - really sweet!
    Something to plan for......