Monday Night Fights 2: Panzerspah vs. Canadian Armoured Rifles

Well ladies and gents. A fortnight has been and gone and so has another one of our Monday Night Fights in Calgary.

This time I had the opportunity to play against David's Canadian Armoured Rifles, albeit, very badly.

In this game we played 1750pts in a Dust Up mission. David was Defender and I played the Attacker.
Who attacks and defends doesn't matter that much in this mission as each player has pretty much the same advantages and disadvantages.

David pretty much steamrolled my army, forcing a Company morale check, which I then failed. Didn't matter too much anyhow, since I'm pretty sure that he would have been able to take the objective from me with his Crocadiles in Turns 6 anyhow, provided my Panthers weren't able to punch through any armor (Doubtful with 13 front armor on the Crocs).

In retrospect, instead of holding the 2 Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier platoons, the Sd Kfz 10/5 (2cm) Anti Aircraft Guns and the Panthers in Delayed Reserve. What I should have done was at least field the Panzerwerfers with the Panthers, AA and a unit of Panzergrenadiers and turtled until I could have had reserves come to help me out.

Fortunately, when you are pushing around toy soldiers you have the advantage of learning from your lessons.
Looking forward to the Kelowna tournament.

I decided to adjust my list somewhat, taking the Hummels out and replacing them with 2 full squads of Panzergrens, Panzerwerfers with extra crew and Panthers instead of the Panzer IVs.

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