Busy Bee, Paint Pots Drying.

It's been a busy month for me. Managed to land a nice peach of a job with an HR Recruiting firm; they needed a marketing guy to pave the way for their HR reps and I've been having a blast going into the wee places in Alberta to hire on folks for Oil & Gas.

I've also moved into our new place which is awesome!

Oh, AND I opened my own business! Yup, that's right, I've become the sole proprietor of my very own business venture.

Which has meant, sadly, that I've had precious little time to push around toy soldiers, much less paint. In fact, I think that my paint set is still in the basement where my man-cave will eventually be, in the box I packed them in on our way back from Ottawa.

I did join a Warmachine Journeyman's slow grow league though, and have been having a great time when I have been able to get a game or two in. I feel that I've gotten to know the rules much better and am actually starting to get the hang of the game. My god, the synergies between casters and the models under them is great! Makes the whole metagaming theory craft behind army building to a whole new level.

I've got my eye on building a Cryx or a Cygnar 50pt force for a few tournaments that me and my buddy Cody are going to attend. More on that stuff later.


  1. good stuff man, grats on the job. We need pics of what you are doing though haha

  2. Congratulations on the job! May I ask what is your biz venture?

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah I'll take some pics tomorrow off the new project that im working on. Just got myself a bunch of Cryx for Warmachine and im eager to get them painted up quickly.

    The business venture is a marketing and digital media services firm. Kind of deli into it but im pretty keen.