Thoughts Regarding Fleet Expansion

Scipio Battlecruiser
Scipio Battlecruiser ready for launch.
With my Scipio Battlecruiser finished I am now closing in on the finishing touches of my PHR fleet, which is great. I've hugely enjoyed painting this fleet but am very much looking forward to it being finished and being able to concentrate on some other projects (like my Warhammer 40k Tau and my DFC Shaltari).

I LOVE the look of the Scipio, it's big, nasty and has launch capacity and there is just something about carriers that I truly love. That being said, I think it's fair to say that it is not as good as it's cousin the Leonidas which is 15pts cheaper.

So with the nearing of my fleet's completion I start to look into where I can round out the holes in my fleet. I've started working on getting some Calypsos finished, with the new rules changes to them they are now one of my favourite ships not only from an aesthetic standpoint but also because of what they can do in game.

The only thing that I love better than carrier ships is ECM ships.

After the two Calypsos that I'm working on I will finish my Heracles battleship and I have a full 8 more PHR frigates that I can complete.

So with this in mind, here is what I'm envisioning to finish to complete the fleet in its entirety:

2 Calypso ECM Frigates
1 Heracles Battleship
2 Medea (to add to the current 6 I have)
6 more modular Frigates
1 Agamemnon Battlecruiser
2 Theseus
2 more Echoes

Hmm, well that's 16 more ships, 2 of which have to get scratch built to go with the rest of my Echoes but I think that will be doable.

The two main strategies that I want to be able to use with this flotilla composition is to be able to field fleets that are either traditional in design (with a healthy segment of Capital and support ships) or be able to field a Frigate horde fleet. With no less than 20 Frigates at my availability once the fleet is finished, as well as the Theseus in support, I should be able to field whatever little horde I want.

I'm SUPER excited about acquiring an Agamemnon Battlecruiser once they are available. As much as I do enjoy the special edition Kickstarter variant of the Battlecruisers, the new sculpts of the Battlecruiser class is just gorgeous.

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