The first of my Vanguard ships was completed tonight. The Bellerophon is a key player in the PHR fleet and the current meta is such that having them is practically (in my opinion) pretty essential.

The reason is PHR bombers. They are just so good. Hitting on 2+ and causing criticals on 4+ they have the potential, in numbers, of causing a truly massive amount of damage.

Sure, point defense is an issue, especially considering that it is a defense mechanism that is usually affected by hull damage in other games, but given that you can critical so easily, it's also relatively easy to overcome PD.

When paired with a twin burn through laser on the prow the ship is a damned fine one!

I love carriers, always have. Doesn't matter the genre really. The idea of massive amounts of fighters
and bombers has always been cool to me.

I decided to make the highlighting colour of the gravity nullifiers a bit more white. They look a bit more 'anime' but they pop a whole hell of a lot more.

Anyhow, enjoy!

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