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Wanting to continue the momentum that I had achieved when painting the French fleet for the Out of the Basement Dystopian Wars tournament, I kind of hunted around for ways to stay motivated and continue painting.

Element270 has been a blog that I've quite enjoyed reading recently. These guys capture everything that is cool about reading Dystopian Wars blogs; we have this passion for the game that is really quite infectious. So when I came across their posts about New Years Resolutions I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and make some resolutions of my own for the new year.

I contacted Giles and he and I have agreed to do some joint painting challenges. For the next three weeks I have committed to painting the following:

3 Marsailes Cruisers
3 Ecuyer Support Cruisers
6 Chevalier Destroyers

So that's a painting project each week, should be doable. So far I've managed to do the basing bits on the Ecuyer and started in on the decking for them. I'll be hitting them with washes tonight most likely.

Giles has committed to painting 2 Tasmania/Sirius Class Sub Tenders, 4 Victoria gunships and 2 Cerebus/Bounty class pocket battleships.

Having this done in the next 3 weeks means I'll have a good chunk of my French fleet completely finished. After that I think I'll definitely make some of my aircore units (Voltaires, Scout Ships) a priority since I've made that pact to not field any unpainted stuff.

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