Dystopian Wars Tournament: March 22, Imaginary Wars

Dystopian Wars Tourney
22nd of March
Imaginary Wars, Calgary, AB

Does your fleet have the mettle to cross over Monkey Island?
Well I'm hosting my second Dystopian Wars tournament on the 22nd of March at Imaginary Wars. This time however we're changing things up a little bit. This is going to be an escalation tourney. What does that mean? Well the first round starts off with a quick 600pt game (let me tell you, lists are tough to construct at those points, but fun!), the second round is 850pts and the third round will be 1000pts.

The three lists must be from the same nation and must be naval core however you are not required to take the same units in each list. For example, if Curtis brings Thales in his 600pt list for the Covenant, he isn't required to bring them in his 850pt or 1000pt if he doesn't want to.

This escalation represents several weeks of conflicts from the first reconnaissance engagement to the pitched battle that the Rear Admirals command.

As per usual, the terrain will be unique and stunning. Fully framed resin boards, to scale islands with scenic features. We're even adding in some unique features for this tournament! Floating islands to create some challenges for the flying units, sturginium vortexes, etc. It's sure to be a tournament to remember!

Cost: $20.
To Register: contact me at clockwerks77@gmail.com or Kyle at Imaginary Wars.

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