Canada's First Dystopian Wars Tournament! October 19th, 2013.

In the immortal words of Professor Farnsworth: Good News Everyone!

I am REALLY excited to announce what I think may be the first ever Canadian Dystopian Wars Tournament! Something I'm hoping to make an annual or even semi-annual event!

This will be an event geared towards new players since we have an active and growing community in Alberta, so no need to worry that you aren't experienced enough. As long as you have a working understanding of the rules you are more than welcome to come!

Here are the details:

When: Saturday, October 19th, 2013.
Where: Imaginary Wars gaming store. #150, 10233 Elbow Drive SW. Calgary, Alberta.
How Much: $20/Person.
Capacity: Currently I'm limiting the tournament to 12 spots BUT if response is overwhelming I may make more boards to accommodate more players.

Fleet Compositions: Fleets will be no more than 850pts and composed using the Tournament Game composition rules found on Pg. 42 of the Dystopian Wars 1.1 version rulebook. Naval Core fleets only, though Air and Land units are viable options for support. Fleets may be constructed from any of the available published factions in the Dystopian Wars universe with the exception of the Invaders (sorry Aliens, you are too OP).

Reinforced Cruiser Squadrons are allowed.

Nation Fleet Commodores will be used.

No Dreadnoughts allowed.

Tournament Rounds: The tournament will consist of a Swiss Style tournament setup and will have 3 rounds of 2.5 hours each. Each round will have each opponent roll off for a random Field Order as outlined on Pg. 43 of the Dystopian Wars 1.1 rulebook.

There will be scenario specific objectives featured in each round.

To Register: You can register by emailing myself at clockwerks77@gmail.com and we can arrange for tournament fees prior to the event OR you can register at Imaginary Wars during their normal business hours.

Fully Painted: ALL fleets played MUST be fully painted! I promise you that the tournament tables and terrain are going to be gorgeous and no two boards will be the same! The aesthetic of this game is incredible and just imagine how beautiful your fleet is going to look painted on gorgeous resin ocean boards!

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