Reinforcements Inbound!

The Chinese Look incredible with their paint job.
Oh man, I am one excited nerd!

So it looks as if the designers at Spartan Games have been SUPER busy building the next wave of reinforcements for us in our beloved game.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you surely have heard of the latest armies that are due to come out in early May; the Italians, Chinese and Australians!

This sets the stage quite nicely for the Pacific Cyclone Campaign, which Spartan is offering in PDF format for free on their site. Excited!

I personally lost my mind over the Italians and without really thinking much about it at all I ended up pre-ordering the Starter boxed set as well as the Support box for them. I LOVE the rules for them. With Augmented Shield Generators and some totally insane carriers these guys hit all of my soft spots for naval ships. I LOVE weird science and carrier fleets, hence why I went gaga over the Covenant of Antarctica.

The Chinese are also very interesting and there are members of our group that are equally excited about them as I am about the Italians. I don't know much about the Chinese yet (the rules aren't published yet) but from the sounds of it it looks as if they are a slow going, crazy defensive fleet that dishes out some seriously nasty fire with their Dragon guns. I'm assuming they are going to be good at boarding but that's pretty much speculation at this point.

The Australians look neat in that they are almost like 2 factions in 1. You can play them as Loyalists to the British crown or as mercenaries with strong ties with the Covenant of Antarctica. As a result each sub-faction has different turret and auxiliary equipment options.

In other news, we are all going to the Flames of War tournament in Kelowna this weekend, but on the trip back we're recording Clockwerk Warriors 6. We had show notes all tucked away but with all of the updated news from Spartan we're looking at saving those shownotes for a later time and are going to talk a lot about the new factions coming up.

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