Clockwerk Warriors Podcast Episode 6: In Russian Coalition Podcast Plays You!

Here we are with another edition of Clockwerk Warriors, the podcast dedicated to all things Dystopian Wars. It was a busy couple of weeks in Spartan Games land so we cover the latest factions coming down the pipe, the Pacific Cyclone Campaigns and the Russians as a faction overview.

Here are the show notes:

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  • Current Projects: What's on the painting table and games we've played.
  • Model Review:
    • Novgorod Class Frigate
  • Spartan's Latest Releases:
    • The Italians, Chinese and Australians
    • What our thoughts are on these new factions.
    • Do we need to be concerned about scope creep? 
    • Pacific Cyclone Campaign PDFs 
  • Nation Review: The Russians
  • The Tactical Edge:
    •  Boarding: How to use it wisely, how to protect against it. prizing versus derelicts. Setting up the board.

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