Covenant Painting Spree

I've been a busy fella these last few days!

Chalimachus Orb:

Calimachus Orb ready to warp time and space!
Along with the preparatory painting that I did for our 1000pt game (Got 2 Zenos, 1 Fresnel, 5 Thales and 3 Pythi done)I also found the inspiration to finish up one of my waterlined Calimachus orbs. I'll be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this model mostly because it didn't really show the model itself off much, since most of it is below the water, but I kind of threw myself into painting the details of the waves with many layers of inking, shading and drybrushing. But then it all sort of came together and I LOVE this model now! Can't wait to field it! The detail in the orb itself too is great.

I did go one step further as well and used a bunch of Woodland Scenics Water Effects with it as well. It's basically like a white school glue that dries absolutely clear in a few days. I used it to create some water disturbances along the front of the orb and also in the crevasses between the armour plates where I imagine seawater would slosh up onto the decks. The effect worked out pretty well!


The vicious robotic Lamprey from hell!
I'm very excited about this model. Because there is no decking on this model it actually painting up quite quickly. I just love the look of this mechanical beastie and can't wait to see how it performs on the battlefield. At 145pts though that is a substantial investment so I hope that it is worth it!

That being said, being an assault machine with an iron ram and the option of a cloud generator means that it'll have a decent survivability while packing a decent close-in punch! Something dearly needed against my usual opponent! The Empire of the Blazing Sun!

There have been some predictably mixed reports about the Aronax, though judging from the amount of threads that I see generated on the Spartan forums for the various Nations and how to deal with the Aronax, I see that as a very positive sign indeed!

Prometheus Dreadnought:

The Prometheus Dreadnought in all her glory!
Finally, I found a wee bit more inspiration in me and whipped up a Prometheus dreadnought in anticipation of my game with Brad last weekend. I managed to whip this model up over the course of an evening and part of a morning. Complete with magnetized turrets I just LOVE how this model looks all chunky and super armoured rather than the usual sleek lines that you see in most Covenant of Antarctica designs. I've taken the pictures here with the weapon turrets rather than the energy turrets on. It didn't perform incredibly well in our game, having been boarded by the EotBS mediums, but I can see the potential. If paired with a Fresnel cruiser that has managed to get its generator fully charged that would mean potentially 31 dice of energy turrets alone in a single shot coming from the squad! That's a pretty decent shot at a double critical

Detail picture of the prow.
Just a heads up to anyone who is looking to field this model. There is some confusion as to whether it has 4 or 6 turrets (two of which are beam turrets). It does in fact have just 4 turrets. if you go for the weapons battery option then you get 2 beam turrets and 2 weapon turrets, all of which can be swapped out for 4 energy turrets.

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