Clockwerk Warriors Podcast Episode 4: Homecoming

Alrighty. We've got our 4th podcast ready for you here (and a day early!).

We're really happy with the format that we've gone with but we want to hear from you. Do you like what we've done?

Technically this is Podcast 4.5 but our 4th podcast didn't save properly (I guess that's what I get for using free software) but since it was another 'gaggle of nerds' episode my thought was it was a pretty crazy podcast anyhow.

BUT this one, we feel, hits the nail on the head. Here are the show notes:

Download the Episode

  • Current Projects 10mins (5 each)
  • Naval Game (10 min)
    • Model Review (5 min)
      • Nakatsu
  • Revisit Hurricane Season 
    • Weather (5 mins)
    • Deployment (5 min)
    • 1st Mission (5 min)
    • Campaign (5 min)
Campaign system (5 min)
  • Map campaign (5 min) 

Tactical Edge:
  1. Linking and Splitting (10 min)

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