Dystopian Wars board continued

Hey guys. I just wanted to quickly share this YouTube video of my completed Dystopian Wars board. I'm quite happy with the results and have played a few games on it already! Enjoy! Props to Vic from RubishInRubishOut for the tutorial!


  1. Fantastic work here matey! I just started to paint up my fleet from Japan here.. am loving the models, and will be posting up about them on my blog soon! Then once these are finished, will come back for inspiration from you and Vic for a board! Cheers

  2. Oh thanks Lee! Yeah, do post pics of your Japanese once they are finished. My buddy Brad is playing them right now, a combine air and naval force. Quite potent!

  3. The board look really nice - I also wanted a board in three panels but having watched someone lean on a panel of one a couple of nights and launch a whole pile of frigates and tiny flyers across the room, I'm considering going back to a single, large, less catapult-like board. Have you had any issues like that?

  4. I haven't had that problem... yet. But this weekend I'm installing braces on the bottoms of the board. This will serve two purposes.

    1. It'll stop the resin from warping the boards, which on one of them is getting to be pretty aweful.

    2. I'm going to put a locking pin and flywheel nut assembly on the boards so that they connect together which will prevent flipping boards like the situation you describe.

  5. What a situation that catalyst describes, and nice prevention methods to make that not happen on yours!
    Also just posted up my first test shots of my EoTRS fleet.. just frigate and the tiny fighters but still.. let me know what you think of them!


  6. Oh nice Lee! Hey do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?

  7. Please do! I have added you to mine as well. Let me know what you think on them.

  8. Hi!
    I just stumbled upon your blog browsing around searchin Dystopian Wars stuff. Great work here, keep it up!

    Ps: I've added you to my blogroll.