Battle Report: Empire of the Burning Sun VS Covenant of Antarctica

Brad firing on my Epicurus. Again.
Brad and I were able to get together and break in the new board and man did we ever have a blast! We settled on 1300pts because we were excited and wanted to take everything we could!

Brad ended up taking a heavy air Japanese force with 2 Sky Fortresses and a skyship of some variety (like a battleship equivalent). He also had some small flyers which ended up actually taking my seriously damaged Epicurus as a prize!

He also had two groups of frigates, which we discovered are amazing in his army! They pump out a lot of dice. His cruisers are somewhat lack-lustre though and we ended up taking care of them fairly easily. He also had a battleship lurking in the back which surprised us at how decent it was. To round out the rest of his list he had a squadron of 2 bombers (which took some early fire but managed to seriously hurt my Pericles carrier before it teleported behind 'Monkey Island') and a squid to round out the list.

Frigates lining up the shot.
Sadly we never saw the squid get into action but I'm sure it would have wrecked all sorts of havoc.

I took my Aristotle battleship, which did quite well when it surfaced in front of the squid to open up with a particle accelerator. With 4 turrets in decent rangebands I can see why folks feel it's an essential part of a CoA fleet, especially if you give it 3 Galen escorts!

I also had a Pericles lurking in the back supporting with drones, put Brad managed to push my left flank early on with his mac-truck Frigates supported by bombers, so I teleported it out with the Callimachus Orb I took.

The Pericles taking refuge behind 'Monkey Island' after being
teleported there by the Orb.
I also took 2 squadrons of Diogenes although I think I'll be replacing them with cheaper and more effective Thales corvettes as soon as I can. They died under a hail of fire pretty early on, along with my Plutarch destroyers. I love them Plutarchs though! More of those in my future!

I also had the obligatory Plato cruisers which are tough and great in close rangebands although I do wonder at their point cost as with Inventive Scientists they are the same points as Icarus which seem far better! I had 2 of them too but would like to round them out to 3.

A picture of the right flank into the middle board.
Lots of airships as you can see.
The real pride of my fleet though was the Epicurus sky fortress. Ever since I had seen the renderings of this model I wanted one, though it did get prized, I'd love to have 2 in my force as they are tough as nails and he was the primary focus of Brad's attention.

All in all I think Brad had it, though we could only play 2 rounds. Everything of mine was pretty damaged and my drones were starting to lose their power due to damage on the carriers. With the Epicurus prized he had double VP on that ship, though I could have tried to take it back with the Icari I think I would have had a hard time doing so.

Great game! We're definitely looking forward to playing more!

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