South Pacific Campaign Update: Week 1 End and Week 2

Week 1 final actions. A total of 11 players joined the ranks!
Man, this campaign is fun! Week one had me playing four Dystopian War games!

  1. I began my week attacking grid 14 so I could attempt for Fang Island Harbour on grid 15 in the following week. I managed to win against the French and take the grid.
  2. I defended a neutral territory for Nathan's move, he took a neutral harbour and pushed his advantage against grid 28.
  3. I defended a force against Paul's Danes and he managed to take grid 2.
  4. Finally, I defended an open ocean grid (Number 25) for the Covenant but they managed to take it.
Having 125 Build Points from the first week, I decided to repair all of my small losses from Week 1.
The Affondatore gets stuck in with the Ika and 2 Terror Ships.
Italians have become surprisingly comfortable with Range Band
1 in Second Edition.
Which was 2 Cinquedeas and 2 Scutum. I also rolled for my commander's skill and managed to get Let Nothing Through which, once per game, allows me to reroll all of my Ack Ack dice for a squad within 8" of my commodore. I actually saved my butt in my Second week attack action.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any further painting done this week but I hope to finish the remaining 2 Gladius as well as their 4 Uccisore. I'm about 1/3 finished them.

On Sunday, I decided to invite folks over and I played my attack action against Brad's Empire of the Blazing Sun and take a Neutral Harbour on Grid 15 (Fang Island) so Brad got an additional 150pts in Fortifications to take against me.

I decided to play against him with my full 800pts and this time I took 40% in Australian Allies taking 2 Victorias, a Sub Tender and 3 Protector Frigates. In retrospect I should have left the Sub Tender at home and take another Gladius to round out to 3 but hindsight is always 20/20.

The Wani base gets pummeled horribly by long range fire
along with torpedos from the Uccisore.
Here is what my list looked like:

1 Affondatore: 6 Uccisore, 5 Torpedo Bombers, 1 Recon Plane
2 Gladius: 4 Uccisore
2 Victoria Monitors
1 Sub Tender: 4 Crocodiles
4 Scutum
3 Protectors
5 Fighters
5 Torpedo Bombers

13 Activations

Brad decided to take a force of predominantly robotic squids just for fun as well as 2 Terror Ships along with their special Wani Base.

Here is what his list looked like:

1 Wani Base (We decided to allow his commodore on there for shits and giggles)
2 Terror Ships
2 Ikas
5 Small Squidies with Flame Throwers (I forget their names, they were sick)
4 Iwatsus
5 Fighters
5 Fighers

9 Activations

I clearly out activated Brad by a wide margin BUT his little squids, Ikas and the 2 Terror Ships all
The Week 2 Summary Newsletter Nathan has done up.
caused my weapon systems to use HALF dice on them! And those Ikas ALSO have Rugged Construction! It was amazingly difficult to kill them! In the end the game was incredibly close with me barely getting my fleet objective of 70% just by a 15pt spread between myself and Brad's 50% and all Smalls (which he'd already killed 2 turns before we ended).

It was a squeaker and one of the most epic battles I've played in V2 to date!

Fang Island was mine!

Next Brad decided to take an adjacent neutral territory in mostly open water. So we played 500pts and he managed to take it from me, though I was trying to make him work for it he did work over my fleet pretty readily.

Curtis decide to make his attack move next with his Covenant and this time I switched things up my taken a 500pt French Epillard/Saint Malo fleet against his long reaching Covenant. He did manage to take the territory, however I managed to sink his Aristotle Battleship and a Diogenes frigate for it.

All in all Week 2 has started off with a bang!

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