Of "Pasta" and International Diplomacy.

How did it all go so, so wrong?
Radio correspondence intercepted between French and Italian Ambassadors:

French Ambassador: "Bonjour Monsiour di Conti. It is time we discuss the status of Zone 15..." 
Italian Ambassador: "(Laughs) Indeed. The indigenous peoples of Fang Island rather enjoy our pasta, so I'm told." 
"I'm to assume that you'd rather feed them boring croissants, then?"
France: "All food is delicious when one has supped enough French wine."
Italy: "Now that is a coincidence, Bonaparte's sister said the very same thing when I "fed" her last night!"
France: "Italian swine! By the laws of Chivalry I do give you notice of battle! 800 points, upon the Isle of Fang!"
Italy: "I accept! I can give you the opportunity to defend your nation's (and its women's) honour Wednesday or Friday evening!"
France: Wednesday evening it is then! We shall see how your pasta tastes after you are forced to swallow your words! Adieu!"
Apparently I need to fire my foreign diplomats... On the plus side, more Dystopian Wars this week! :)

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