Better Than Christmas

Holy good god am I a happy fella! Why? You ask? Where the fuck have you been, you ask?

Well, Spartan Games has recently announced that they are dropping the Dystopian Wars version 2.0 core rulebook on May 28th and I'm SO happy about it! I can't break my NDA regarding it but I can tell you that we're all in for a treat. Reading over the 2.0 rules as they stand now I feel like Dystopian Wars has definitely moved from a game that had a modest degree of depth into a full triple A class tabletop wargame with incredible depth, background and just a ton of tactics and strategies available to people.

It's no secret that Dystopian Wars is my very favourite game. But this edition is bringing in details and mechanics that I think everyone has wished for for years.

I think a big reason why we're able to see these awesome things coming to the fore is because the game is primarily designed by people who are deeply passionate about the hobby. Dellboy AKA Derek has been the lead designer for Dystopian Wars for a good while now and I can personally attest to his passion for the hobby.

I'm so excited!

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