Heavy Gear!

Finally i get to play some Heavy Gear against my buddy Kyle tonight. We've been trying to get together on a semi-regular basis to throw down some robots to bash it out. Lately it's been pretty tough to commit but I did get a chance to put together a new 600tv force that should be pretty fun to try out.

I'm playing NuCoal and have found the Jerboas and Chasseurs to be really challenging up against normal strength mechs or specialists; they seem to fall under the pressure pretty easily because of their low armour and really low amount of damage boxes. In addition, I've had trouble with having enough firepower for some decent punch.
I did find the time though to put together my 2 prized Hussars, one in tank and the other in gear mode as well as 5 Currassier Elite Gears. It's a small force but very fast and tough and packs a hell of a whollop. At least that's what I'm hoping. I'll admit, I'm hopelessly rusty with the rules so I'm not able to min/max my lists much, but Kyle and I tend to play a pretty friendly game anyhow, so it should be a decent matchup against his gears. 

I am going to be outnumbered pretty decently so we shall need to see how we manage that. The Hussars are expensive but look pretty good.

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