Escalation Tournament

Dave's Bastions Scout ahead of his Battleship
Last Saturday I held my second Dystopian Wars tournament.

This time I opted to do something a little different. I wanted to do an escalation tournament with three rounds; 600pts in the first round, 850pts in the second round and 1000pts in the third round. The idea was I wanted to represent an escalation of war between the various nations.

Originally I had planned to make custom scenarios, all sorts of weird terrain features, etc. Unfortunately I got totally waylaid IRL and was barely able to put the tourney together at all, so opted instead for a more simplified approach.

That being said, folks still had a lot of fun, which was great! We had a lot of the newer nations, notably the Ottomans and the Chinese represented among the contestants.

In the end though it was an Empire of the Blazing Sun player, our very own Brad Stretton that ended up taking first place as Best Overall. He plays a flawless game and is hands down one of the best tacticians I've ever witnessed.
Alem's Prussians featured 2 Metzger Robots! Awesome!

Curtis Wesolowski ended up taking Best General in a very close matchup between he and Brad. His
Russians though ended up doing quite well against his opponents.

Our Best Painted award went to Tom Carter from Edmonton. His French were gorgeous to behold and I was very glad that he had won the prize (and not just because he was a French comrade).

Honourable mentions go to Dave Hyttenrauch who managed to stealth paint an entire Chinese fleet over the course of the last 5 weeks without any of us knowing and they are gorgeous! Glad you are playing with us, Dave!

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