Where Have you Been, Yo?

Descent game in action.
Ugh, I'm sorry guys. I was getting really good at posting regularly there for a while and then completely fell off the wagon. I got really sick about 3 weeks ago and honestly I haven't been terribly focussed on gaming lately either.

I have managed to get a couple of games of Descent in in the last little while which has been an absolute blast! A few of the guys from our regular gaming group have decided to run a campaign under Brad on an intermittent basis and it's been an absolute riot. We initially decided to go with an all orc group. I played the Widow Thaya and invented the backstory that she's a widow because she poisoned her husband Bob ages ago and uses his as her reanimate zombie. So we go through iterations of Bob because, while he hits like a freight train, he's a bit weaksauce on the whole armour thing. So Bob the First soon gave way to Bob the Second and so forth.

We're at Bob the 18th I think now... It's hard to keep track but the Widow doesn't mind. Bob reconstructs just fine under her voodoo magic. ;)
Cultist rendition of Hamlet? Oh the horror!!!

I also had a chance to play a little bit of Strange Aeons which is a fun game mad by a buddy of ours. It's a
cthulhu mythos game set in the early 20th century (that's the 1900s for those of you who can't do the math). It's a great game where you trade off between playing the Threshold faction, which are basically like the Men in Black agents from the early 1900s and the Lurkers which are the supernatural element all the way from Cultists to zombies, werewolves, fish people and of course Cthulhu demons.

I've COMPLETELY missed my painting target unfortunately, though I do have my Ecuyer damned near completed. That was a real bummer to miss and I'm a bit dissapointed in myself. I'll continue though, that mountain of models doesn't paint itself!

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