First Fire Warrior Done!

First Fire Warrior fresh from training.
How exciting! A new painting project! As with all painting projects, getting the first model finished takes a hell of a lot of time I find. Figuring out colour schemes, what exactly do you want this or that part of the model to do? It takes some time!

In the end I did a modification of StrikingScorpion82's Tau scheme. In this first test model I followed the majority of his scheme, though I did gloss over the weathering stages quite a bit with the Seraphim Sepia and now I kind of wish I hadn't.

I also did some of the paint chipping, which I think helped bring up some of the details in the lower parts of the model. I liked his scheme because you can bang out quite a few models in a relatively short amount of time while being conscious of attracting the viewer's eye to areas that you want to highlight as focal points. This is perfect for me because I've managed to acquire a decent chunk of a starter army with a nice starter boxed set, a pathfinder set, stealth suits and a firewarrior squad that a buddy of mine was getting rid of!

Another angle of the Fire Warrior.
I really don't want to fall into the trap of playing with unpainted models, so choosing a scheme that looks good but also paints up fast is very important.

For the first time in forever I'm really not sure if I like the glosscote on the model. I think I'll end up
going with a dull or a satin coat. Likely a satin because I wouldn't want the metalics to get lost underneath a dulling varnish.

I also opted to go with a fairly heavy style of base. In my mind I liked the contrast of the model's orange with a swampier looking base full of green mosses and bull rushes.

Anyhow, I will modify the scheme a bit I think, find places where I can speed up the process somewhat and focus in on the areas that will make the models look better. All told though, I'm pretty happy with the look! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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