The Best (Wo)Man For The Job

Normally I hate painting infantry. Doesn't really matter what game system it is for, infantry is just a bore to paint. Don't know why really, they always look so great once they are done but all the detail and the basing... It takes for bloody ever.

I think it may have been because I had painted such a HUGE American infantry army for Flames of War a few years ago it just kind of exhausted me for painting infantry for all time.

So when the mood struck me this weekend to start getting some infantry done that I'd been itching to have finished for my PHR force I capitalized on the urge and got myself done 4 bases of Immortals and 2 bases of my Valkyries.

For the upcoming tournament at Blacknight Games on April 9th I knew that I needed both of my Valkyrie squads painted up along with a Sirens squad, which I need to start.

I'm quite pleased with the progress on my infantry and the current 1500pt list only needs 6 models painted to finish and have a fully painted list for the 9th tournament. Quite happy about that. :)

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