The Brick

The Brick
Finally had some time to paint tonight and blazed away at finishing my walker 'brick'.

One of the fun things about the PHR is that, in games of 1500pts or more, you can take 6 walkers in a Poseidon as a single battlegroup. In fact, this is one of the only solid firebase choices that I've been able to come up with using the original release models of the PHR. I've read some articles on the newer models such as the Medusa, Helios and Apollo that now allow you to take options that are much more mobile but the 'brick' has been a mainstay since the beginning days of the PHR and my collection of painted models wouldn't be complete without them.

So, with that said, I managed to finish up my brick, which consists of 2 Phobos, 4 Ares and the
Embarked and ready for deployment.
Poseidon to carry them. I am really digging how the Poseidon looks like a decently sized centerpiece model surrounded by the walkers that it transports.

The army is really starting to come together, I feel. The paint scheme is lending itself well to providing a bit of a consistent, almost 'Ferrari-like' feel.

Digging it.

Next on my painting table: The Hades!

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