New Year and New Recruits

The core of my PHR
What a busy holiday season it's been. I did manage to carve out just a bit of time though to get some more painting done on my PHR; a little later than I'd have liked but I'm seeing progress on the army which makes me very happy. SO excited about playing my buddy Andrew on the 24th. Andrew already has his Scourge done which has definitely lit a fire under my ass to get the remaining 1500pts of my PHR complete.

So here is what I've got done so far:

4 stands of Immortals
4 Juno A2s
4 Neptunes
1 Zeus
1 Hyperion
2 Phobos

Another angle of my PHR core force.
The nice thing about this core of models is that I'm pretty sure that I'll use almost all of them every game, so it really is a core that I've worked on.

I'm pretty pleased with how the force is starting to look. Next week I have 4 Ares and a Hades slated to be finished.

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