For The Love of Pasta

I've fired up the kilns again recently and gotten to work on two painting projects that I've been having a lot of fun with lately.

Affondatore in Dry Dock.
I ordered a boxed set of each of the new Italians for Dystopian Wars in anticipation of the March 21st tournament that we're hosting at Imaginary Wars. I imagine that I won't get a chance to but am hoping that I'll get to feature them as a stand in at the tournament. However, as things look, we are likely going to be sold out. 

I have been working away on an Affondatore assault carrier that I am just in love with. It is the first of 3 now that I have in my collection, which is kind of a stupid amount of carriers to have but I do so love my tiny swarms.

I also added in a new Hasta Heavy Bomber; I just love how big and beefy the tri-plane model looks. Not only is it HUGE in comparison with other medium sized fliers but it's pretty comparable to the surface Battle Cruiser category.

I included a squadron of the new Pilums. Their Calcification Generator was just too good to ignore and the canvas blimp-like appearance will be a nice visual offset from the forest green hulls of the rest of the fleet.

Finally, and because I just had to, I added in a Ballistae. To be honest I'm not sure if this is a really great investment of points. Sure, she's a cheap air carrier, but there are lots of other options that could potentially be more effective models at the 150pt investment range. That being said, I just love the double bi-plane look around a raised 2 deck ship... It looks truly ridiculous in the way that only steampunk can!

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