The Great Swimmer

The Dagon and the Bombers and Interceptors
Kids, there is nothing papa loves more than milestones.

Tonight, despite my epically shitty day, despite the uncarriage of my car spontaneously deciding to depart from the rest of mine dear vehicle at a cruising speed of 100km/hr. Despite all of that, today is a good day.

Why? Because I finally got to see what a large in this Aquan paint scheme is going to look like.

Profile view of the Dagon.
The Dagon, I imagine, is like a great, colossal cosmic whale shark or sturgeon that is eons old, swimming through the galaxy with it's waves of short range spacecraft hovering around it like pilot fish. It's great gaping maw expels and swallows the vast horde of fighters, bombers and interceptors. The blue energy nacells and
laser points ripple with plasma energy, like the lifeblood of a great, graceful Godzilla of the stars.

I'm quite happy to have this as the centre piece of my fleet to the Out of the Basement Tournament in June.

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