Everything in the Toy Box

Oh man. Dystopian Wars version 2 is amazeballs. I am so excited to field this, my ultimate dream list. A list in the previous version would not only been completely untenable from a strategic standpoint but also completely illegal!

I'm VERY happy that the Vaubon has been changed to a swimmer dreadnought. That's what it anyways should have been.

Also, my beloved Epaulard submarines that everyone laughed at for taking are now medium light cruiser class AND get corrosive on their mortars. Christmas!

What's more is the Cherbourg Battle Cruiser gets an upgrade for an internal mine controller generator to shoot about said Epaulard mines. Huzzah, huzzah!

The Frelons actually look to be a viable option now and are cheap Andy Tourbillon is a full blown carrier... In the sky!

Here is a breakdown of the list I'm going to field:

1200 Point French Fleet:

Vaubon with Cloud Generator: 320pts
9 Saw Wings Attached

Couronne Assault Carrier: 155pts
6 Saw Wings Attached

Tourbillon Sky Fortress: 175pts
6 Saw Wings Attached

4 Epaulard Submarines: 200pts

Cherbourg Battle Cruiser with mine Controller: 120pts

5 Frelons: 125pts

4 Lyons: 100pts

10 free Saw tokens

1195pts total

I thin this eye candy list may also be a beastie to deal with on the field.

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