La Vertu: Battle Carrier

Something a bit bigger for you folks today. The war forges blazed on through the night to complete my Couronne Battle Carrier. I LOVE my battle carrier. Love it. It is an auto-include in virtually every French list I ever make. At 150pts with a cloud generator this carrier easily outclasses our battleships. With a Toulon Mk II it is a wrecking ball and has awesome firepower and boarding capability.

Heavy influenced by Andy P on the Spartan Games Forum I totally took his idea of the Fleur on the deck as well as the deck markings. It's such a great way of adding detail to such a large expanse of decking, I couldn't resist. His Tiny Fliers were a great inspiration too and I think I'll do all of mine in that style, I just love them.

I named my battle carrier the Vertu or Virtue. I figured it was a good name for such an essential lynch pin of
any fleet.

I'm quite excited, I'm nearing the end of my fleet. In a week I've managed to just blaze my way through it. I'm fricken tired though, but I'm so close to being finished!

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