Cherbourg Battle Cruiser La Vie

Oh man! The race is on! The Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars tournaments are less than 2 weeks away and I've got a TON of painting to get finished! I did manage to get the rest of the models for both fleets finished basing which, for the French, is a bit of an arduous process given that I have to tape them halfway through.

And because I'm an eager beaver, I also managed to get all of the washes done for the French as well. It went relatively quickly, given how much I'd originally agonized over the wash consistencies. In the end I like the dirty sooty look quite a bit and the way the varnish seals the wash in looks great to me!

I managed to get my Cherbourg done tonight too and I love it! Honestly, this ship is likely not worth taking but I just LOVE the look of it, it looks like a true pocket battleship or heavy cruiser and the heat lances are a
great thematic element to the ship. Can you believe that's my first finished capital class for my French? I'm kind of appalled with myself that I've gone this long without painting them. No matter, that's being resolved now.

One bit I did manage to find time to do was make a quick inscription on the eensy weensy name plate. I Christened this first ship of my fleet La Vie, The Life. I figured it was the pride of the crew to be living the life of a sailor.

Enjoy! MUCH more to come this week!

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