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Well, 100 posts. That's cool. 

I originally started up this blog because I'd moved back to Calgary from Ottawa and I wanted a way to stay connected with my buds over there. As things progressed I eventually became more and more focussed on Dystopian Wars, which has easily become my favourite tabletop wargame now.

The boys over at Element 270 have been busy setting goals for the new year and a lot of what they were talking about struck a chord with me, so I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and post some New Year's Resolutions as well.

Make Painting a Bigger Focus: If you've been following the blog at all in the last week you'll see that I blazed through my French tournament fleet in no time. I figured it out and I'd logged over 31 hours of time painting just last week! While that's a crazy schedule to keep what with holding down a job, running a part-time business and still maintaining a social life, it did illustrate how I can leverage the 'lost hours' in each week towards projects that are valuable to me.

So Giles and I are starting up a little painting challenge with each other. We're going to agree upon a set block of models to get through within a certain period of time and then showcase them. What I haven't talked with him about yet is how I think there should be some sort of a Kenny vs. Spenny penalty if someone doesn't meet the target deadline. ;) That should motivate us to get our challenges done and be pretty entertaining for you if we don't make the deadline. I was thinking things like "If I don't get my Courone done in the time I agree upon it, I have to YouTube it getting smashed to pieces by my buddy Geoff."

Would be funny.

Play With Only Painted Models: I've been getting REALLY lax about this over the last year, which is
terrible considering that I belong to a gaming club that espouses aesthetics above everything else. Last weekend I played a game with Jordan with all painted minis and MAN is that so much better! Also, it's good because it is another avenue that forces me to maintain my focus on painting my collection. As you can see from the video above I have a horrifically huge Dystopian Wars collection and not even half of it is painted. I'd love to see at least one of my larger fleets completely finished by the end of spring.

Diverse Terrain Selections: I plan on hosting a number of Dystopian Wars tournaments over 2014 and I made awesome headway making all of those board panels. I'd like to continue to make some more diverse terrain sets though. Specifically I'd like to make a set of floating islands. I've been playing around with some concepts for incorporating aircores in the tourneys but would like some actual terrain that affects them but not surface models. Doing up a number of floating islands would be both visually appealing and provide an alternate kind of board setup for those who are looking at going air heavy.

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