French Mobilization

Base Coats and Washes Completed on my Requins
Finished Lyon in the background.
Ahhh I love the smell of fresh Croissants and my enemy's boats burning in the morning!

In preparation for the Dystopian Wars tournament that the boys over at It Came From Out Of the Basement have been organizing, I decided that it was time to take my French to an event and there is nothing more motivating than a tourney to get a fleet all painted up.

So here is what I've settled on for a list:

La Rochelle Experimental Battleship: 180pts
Couronne Battle Carrier w. Cloud Generator: 150pts
Attached Toulon MkII Armoured Cruiser: 80pts
Cherbourg Battle Cruiser: 130pts
4 Requin Assault Corvettes: 80pts
3 Chevalier Destroyers: 90pts
3 Voltaire Heavy Interceptors: 150pts
4 Alma Frigates: 140pts

12 Activations, 1000pts on the nose.

I decided to start with painting my Requins and, based on Jordan's recommendation, I'll reward myself with painting the Cherbourg Battle Cruiser. I love that ship.

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